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Instant insight via Bioresonance Testing

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy

What is

Bioresonance Therapy?

Qest4 Bioresonance Therapy is primarily a German technology that was created and designed to recognise and alter unhealthy frequency patterns in the cells of the body to improve a person’s overall health.

Bioresonance Therapy is non-invasive, painless and safe. It does not interfere with conventional treatments and is safe and suitable for children, babies and ‘sensitive’ individuals. It is NOT recommended for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding or with pacemakers.

How does Bioresonance Therapy work?

Bioresonance therapy is a totally non-invasive, painless, safe way to obtain information from the body about different aspects of health. It works by measuring frequencies of the body to identify the source of imbalances or disturbances.

Testing is done by holding two brass cylinders, electromagnetic signals are transferred to the skin, and the body’s response to those signals is recorded. The machine is effectively ‘asking the body-mind a question’. Any responses outside of specific limits is recorded and generated in a report form. If you are familiar with Kinesiology or Muscle Testing, Qest 4 works in a similar way, but is computerised and much faster.

Once an individualised set of signatures is obtained using this resonance-response process, the information can then be ‘imprinted’ into a medium, normally a liquid medium (drops) or skin patches (similar to a plaster).

The imprints help the body/mind system to learn better adaptive behaviours. These items may be as diverse as foods, pathogens, emotional patterns, colours or nutritional and pharmaceutical agents.

Diet and lifestyle changes, targeted supplements, herbs or homeopathy are used in addition to the imprinted remedy to complement the treatment process.

What information can be gathered

with Bioresonance Therapy?


Imbalances or weakness in organ systems

The system will identify which organs or systems in the body are stressed or weakened, both physically and energetically. The system will then indicate the root cause of the imbalances.

Nutrition Needs

Focused nutritional screening provides an excellent indicator of diet, vitamin and mineral requirements, macronutrients, how well the body digests and absorbs food eaten, neurotransmitters, hormones and appropriate lifestyle changes. The system indicates any food sensitivities as well. This information, along with a detailed case taking, provides a basis for personalised nutritional therapy plans.

Nutritional Supplement Testing

Qest4 is able to give an indication as to whether supplements currently being taken are useful to the body, being absorbed properly or should be paused for a time.

Food & Environmental Sensitivities

This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances. As part of a broader health improvement plan, imprinted remedies can be used to de-sensitise individuals to various food and environmental allergens or intolerances. Great for those with hayfever, seasonal allergies or multiple food sensitivities/intolerances.

Microbe & Toxin Presence

The system will identify the presence of harmful microbes (viruses, parasites, mycotoxins, bacteria, fungal and mycoplasma) and toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, environmental toxins) and appropriate remedies (diet, nutritional supplements, herbs) to remove or balance them in the body.

Emotional Support

Bioresonance therapy incorporates mental-emotional, body-mind and energetic patterns into testing that can broaden your awareness of how lifestyle and emotional or mental patterns affect health and ill-health. Using imprinted remedies that incorporate homeopathy, flower essences and more, can help bring the body into balance and ultimately better health.

How can bioresonance therapy benefit me?

During a normal consultation, the case taking gives us a history of your health and current symptoms, but often there is information missing which could be important, causative factors of your current state of health. Using bioresonance therapy can help to present us with a more complete assessment, thus helping to focus your treatment approach.

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