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Mould Masterclass

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This foundation level, 90 minute masterclass covers the basics of Mould Toxicity, a quiet illness that suppresses the immune system, causes chronic inflammation, brain fog and neurological issues.

It is aimed at Nutritional Therapists, Naturopaths and other Health Practitioners.

Did you know over 50% of buildings in the UK are water-damaged? Have you ever been in a home or office or school even that smells musty or feels damp? There’s likely underlying water damage which often leads to mould growth.
The problem with mould is that it can release toxins, called mycotoxins, which once released into the air are very difficult to remove. They cling to furniture, clothing and more. And these mycotoxins are what can make an individual sick.

Most people will recover from living in mould once they move out or leave a mouldy building. Unfortunately nearly ¼ of the population have a genetic disposition which makes it difficult for them to detox mycotoxins. This means that mycotoxins can continue causing damage to their health, even if they’re living in a mould free environment. Unless they actively detox the mycotoxins, their health will continue to deteriorate.

The symptoms of mould toxicity are often vague – fatigue, brain fog and memory problems, gut issues, blood sugar dysregulation and muscle aches. As functional health practitioners, it’s easy to attribute these to other conditions, and work on those with a client. Most people don’t realise they’re living or working in mould, or that mould could be the ultimate cause of their health issues. So it can often go un-recognised.

Typical ‘Aims’ or ‘Protocols’ to balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation or fix the gut will only get the client so far. Failing to address mould toxicity can make the difference between your clients reaching their health goals or staying stuck and struggling with symptoms.

What you'll learn in a 90 minute masterclass


Pathophysiology of Mould Toxicity


Common Symptoms


Conditions of Mould Toxicity


Functional testing


Markers to look out for


General protocols


Nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes


Case studies

As practitioners, one common goal is to help clients find optimal health. Knowing how to confidently identify and address mould toxicity allows you to get better results with your clients. Mould might just be the missing piece for your clients with a chronic condition.

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