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What People Say

I had searched for many years for answers as to why my body wasn’t functioning the way it should. I was researching and found Jill’s page, I emailed her to arrange a consultation. Jill was welcoming and put me at ease immediately (as an extremely anxious person) she quickly was able to see what was wrong and how I needed to do to start optimising my body. I’ve been a client of Jills for a year and she has put me back together. I feel finally I’m getting to where I want to be. Jill is a genuine, caring therapist. She wants the best for you and will works diligently until she gets you where you want to be. I cannot recommend Jill highly enough.

KellyBelfast, N.I.

Having suffered from stomach problems (indigestion, bloating etc) for most of my adult life, I had been prescribed a variety of indigestion remedies that had long since stopped working, by various doctors. I contacted Jill about a year ago as a last resort during a particularly bad flare up. I can honestly say she has changed my life. After a thorough ‘getting to know you’ session Jill very quickly assessed what the likely problem was, suggested some tests to get a better picture, and got me on a course of supplements that have since eliminated all of my symptoms and discomfort. If only I had found her sooner! I have since worked with Jill on other issues which she has greatly improved through use of supplements. It’s wonderful to feel better through natural remedies rather than prescription drugs that often don’t work. Jill is lovely to work with and I would highly recommend her practice.

RachelBelfast, N.I.

As I had problems with my gut health , which resulted in severe pain in my stomach and many food intolerances, I decided to consult a food nutritionist. I found Jill’s website and booked a consultation. Within just 2 weeks of following my personal protocol all the pain in my stomach had gone, I had started to loose weight from my waistline, had more energy and was sleeping better. My health continued to improve dramatically after the second consultation. Jill has an amazing knowledge of the supplement market and her advice has been life changing.

YvonneNorthern Ireland

I saw Jill at a time when I was having multiple problems with my health. My experience to date had been limited to modern medicine, which was failing to offer me both a solution to my problems. Over a short period of a few months, I found a dramatic improvement to conditions which had otherwise persisted for years. Her guidance has allowed me to move away from the prospect of taking regularly prescribed medication in favour of choosing foods more suited to my body. I am grateful for her therapy which has not only improved my bodily health but also my state of mind.

K.H.London, UK

As an international marketer with an ever changing schedule, I find Jill’s coaching invaluable for managing my energy and stress levels. She worked with me across time zones and culture, helping me maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle despite the variables of frequent business trips. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise and anything to do with health. Her suggestions were always spot-on, regardless of which country I was in or how long I was travelling for. Jill’s dedication inspired me to take control of my health and find a more balanced lifestyle.


I started working with Jill in December 2020 following some long term health issues. I had tried many different things before this and while some worked a bit, my health issues never cleared completely. Jill put me at my ease and immediately I felt in safe hands. She quickly put some recommendations together for me which were easy to follow. Her advice was practical and doable which is very important for me. While I know it will take some time to feel fully well again, I know Jill has given me some great direction. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering with mould sensitivity.

A.B.Northern Ireland


Personalised nutrition and lifestyle medicine for Women over 40


From stress & burnout to feeling tired yet wired, boost your energy & vitality naturally


Minimise environmental toxicities and recover from toxicity-related illness.


Food intolerances, bloating and other GI issues can wreak havoc on your hormone health